Motion Diagnostics

3d Gait Lab/Gait Score

3D Gait Lab/Gait Score

You Know Your Cholesterol. Your Blood Pressure. What about your GAIT SCORE?

Few health numbers are as important to your long-range strength, flexibility, movement and energy as your GAIT SCORE. Only our 3D Gait Lab uses force plate technology to give you this GAIT SCORE, or scientifically known as your Functional Ambulation Profile (FAP). 

Once you walk across the 15-foot GaitRite walkway, data related to step length, stride, cadence, stance and foot angles is collected and analyzed for key outcomes: 

  • Achieve Musculoskeletal Symmetry
  • Capture Joint Measurements
  • Know Your Foot Angles
  • Analyze Imbalanced Forces
  • Identify Real Causes of Pain
  • Help Prevent Falls/Injury
  • Lessen/Prevent Arthritis
  • Lessen Joint Wear and Tear
  • Avoid Longterm Dysfunction
  • Customized Exercises for Strength
  • Customized Exercises for Strength
  • Improve Balance
  • Complete Motion Diagnostics Analysis
  • Yearly Check-In of Gait Score Changes

Your Annual GAIT SCORE Can Offset Many Common Problems Associated with Aging, Like Arthritis, Joint Pain and Falls

GaitRite Walkway

GAITRite® is a pressure sensitive walkway that measures several parameters related to how you walk. It gives us diagnostic information related to the symmetry of your gait and identifies abnormalities.

Video Analysis

By using LED markers on your joints, our video capture and customized computer software measure your joint angles as you walk to help us diagnose the real cause of your pain.

Data Analysis

The computer software program we use in our GAIT LAB gives us a robust amount of information to help determine the real cause of your pain. It then allows us to monitor progress as part of your physical therapy program or annual wellness visit.

Customized Exercises

The data we get from our gait lab gives us insight into your body’s flexibility and strength deficits seen in your gait. From this we can prescribe custom exercises to help your gait improve and become more efficient and symmetrical to prevent pain.

Sensa Medica Orthotics

Sensa Medica is a specialized force plate that measures the pressures of your rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot as you walk. This data capture allows us to make customized foot orthotics based upon how you move, rather than a static mold, giving much better support for walking to your feet, knees and hips.

Annual GAIT Review

Our annual physical therapy visit gives you the confidence that your musculoskeletal health is not forgotten as you age. By assessing your body’s three-dimensional balance and gait symmetry, you can help prevent the onset of arthritis, pain, and prevent falls to ensure you age gracefully over time.

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