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Do you want to run BETTER? More Efficient? Do you run in PAIN? Want to Feel Better? Let Our Run Lab 3-D Infrared Motion Capture Technology Get You There.

Our Run Lab brings you state-of-the-art technology to give you a comprehensive running biomechanical analysis of your running efficiency. Featuring MotionMetrix, an advanced 3-D infrared motion capture technology, along with video analysis and custom proprietary software, we acquire the fundamental parameters of your running gait. A comprehensive review of your results allows us to address your underlying biomechanics and quantify any mechanical inefficiencies, excessive joint loads, tissue strains, left to right asymmetries and target key areas where efficiency can be improved. 

This is important because running requires the ability of muscles to work together in three biomechanical planes. When these three planes are functional, the runner has the ability to turn muscles “on” and “off” allowing for reciprocal alternating activity to occur in the back, pelvis and hips. If control is lost in just one plane; compensation, fatigue, strain and injuries occur. We invite you to use our Run Lab and expertly-trained team to learn to prevent specific injuries; learn how to run faster, by learning how to slow down; learn to breath better by positioning your diaphragm; the proper mechanics of arm swing and stride, and so much more. Your best running ever awaits! Check out our videos today to learn more.

MotionMetrix’s 3D Running Gait system covers all essential aspects of running mechanics , including:

  • Running economy
  • Elastic energy exchange
  • Temporal and spatial stride parameters
  • Running Force
  • Gait kinematics for injury assessment before-after overlay comparison
  • Data chart generation for over 60 parameters
  • Comprehensive video/pdf report
  • Postural Restoration for tri-planar balance
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