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We are on the cutting edge of concussion prevention, performance and rehabilitation.

Using the latest in sports science technology, Spine and Sport Physical Therapy is leading the way in sports medicine for concussion management in St. Joseph and the northwest Missouri area. Concussion management has advanced in recent years and is being led by research in the sports vision arena supported by a company called Dynavision. Using the D2 Dynavision light board, we can now train reaction speed through improving one’s peripheral vision. The American Academy of Sports Medicine states that decreased reaction time is the #1 indicator of one who is at risk for injury — meaning that training your reaction speed helps reduce your chances for injury. One study performed over a multiple year span at the University of Cincinnati involving their football team showed an 80% reduction in the number of concussions due to improved reaction speeds and a reduction in blind side hits. (Clark, 2015).

Dynavision’s D2 light board is used in the management of concussions by first getting a baseline vision reaction test. This allows the sports medicine professional to have a database of the athlete’s baseline reaction. If someone does sustain a concussion, their baseline test can be used to help the medical professionals have more information on safe return to sports and activities. Dynavision D2 is also used in the rehabilitation of a concussion. Rather than sitting and waiting for symptoms to resolve and taking a passive approach, new sports science is using visual vestibular integrated rehab techniques to help the athlete recover faster. Vision dominates the brain, and the act of processing what the eye sees occurs in multiple areas in the brain. This means that wherever the brain injury is, we can use vision to help speed up recovery. Come see us to find out how Dynavision is leading the way in concussion rehabilitation.

Our NFL-Endorsed Concussion Program Uses the Region’s Top Technology:

  • Dynavision Sports Reaction Vision Trainer
  • Pre-concussion baseline screening (no cost)
  • Baseline reaction speed measurements
  • D2 Dynavision light board
  • Technology to improve peripheral vision
  • Technology to improve reaction speed
  • Strengthening exercises for ocular muscles
  • Progressive concussion rehabilitation techniques
  • Comprehensive information to return to athletics safely
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