Sciatic Nerve Pain:  Top 10 Questions

Sciatica:  Do You Know the 3 Things a Nerve Requires?  The sciatic nerve is a large nerve originating from the lower spine and spinal cord, running behind the leg. The main function of the nerve is to allow for normal feeling, reflexes and muscle function. Nerves are physical tissues, similar to tendons, muscles and ligaments […]

Running: Is it Really a Non-Contact Sport? 10 Tips to Know

Running, after-all, is a non-contact sport; right?  Well, yes and no.  Running is a great way to get exercise and to stay in shape.  However, avid runners have one of the highest injuries rates in all of sports.  Why you may ask?  Running, after-all, is a non-contact sport; right?  Well, yes and no.  Obviously you’re […]

Bulging Discs and Sciatica

We specialize in treating bulging discs and sciatica.  Traction is a principle concept as well as a treatment technique to help you decompress the disc.   Sciatica is addressed by first determining whether the spine, the pelvis, or the hip is the primary culprit.  Once this is determined we teach nerve gliding to restore bloodflow and […]

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