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You See Your Doctor Every Year. You See Your Optometrist Every Year. You See Your Dentist Twice A Year … Shouldn’t You See Your Physical Therapist Yearly Too?

Your muscles, joints, balance and gait deserve attention every year to help you care for your body, maintain good posture and age well. Arthritis is nothing more than wear and tear on your joints. We all get this as we age. The more wear and tear, the more arthritis. In other terms, the more imbalance and asymmetry you have in how you move, the more these unbalanced forces will wreak havoc on your joints. By having an annual visit to your physical therapist, we can help ensure that your body is moving well and able to transmit these forces evenly and symmetrically through your body from the ground, to your feet, to your hips, to your core, and ultimately all the way through your thorax and neck.  

Motion Diagnostics, the key element of our Annual Visit, will help identify any asymmetries and give you a way to monitor this important vital sign of your health … so you will age more gracefully and help prevent balance and falling issues later in life. Part of Motion Diagnostics is having your GAIT SCORE at your annual visit to help identify changes occurring in your flexibility and strength as you age. By identifying these changes, your Spine and Sport physical therapist can prescribe the right medication to prevent falls.  That’s right, a medication so powerful we can’t put it in a bottle … it’s called exercise! (You can keep up this exercise prescription in our state-of-the-art facility for a monthly fee, once you have completed your physical therapy program).

Spine and Sport Physical Therapy Can Give You the Annual Numbers You Need for Aging Well and Staying Strong.

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