Sports Performance

Sports Performance Therapy

Sports Performance Therapy

We offer the Premiere Sports Performance Training Program in all of northwest Missouri, founded upon the most innovative sports science principles that professional athletes use. 

Sports Performance training helps you identify “at risk” movement patterns for injury prevention and helps you with personalized performance and sports specific programming to get to the next athletic level. We take a sports science approach to movement training, enabling athletes to first build a foundation to their movement before adding performance and skill training. Choose from individual sessions; small group sessions with two to three athletes; or larger group classes.

Our staff has been trained at prestigious institutes — the same institutes that have trained the best trainers and coaches in the world. We offer: 

  • Train Like the Pros Program
  • Mobility and stability
  • Speed and agility
  • Plyometrics
  • Reaction time
  • Sports vision
  • State of the art facility
  • Pony Express Athletics
  • Applied Functional Science
  • Injury “at risk” identification
  • Build foundational movements
  • Custom skills training
  • 3-Dimensional movement
  • Sports science principles
  • Individual
  • Sports science lab 

Our expert team has credentials from top-ranked institutions. Let us help you discover (and protect) your own one-of-a-kind athletic skill set.

Individual Session

Our individual Sports Performance Therapy sessions are in alignment with the nation’s best professional coaches and trainers (including the NFL). We offer customized training for areas including speed, agility, three-dimensional movement, injury risk identification and Applied Functional Science from the renowned Gray Institute.

Small Group Session

Group classes are held at scheduled times or can be customized for your team. The classes take a sports science approach to movement training in order for athletes to first build a foundation to their movement before adding performance and skill training. Classes will incorporate the whole spectrum of movement including mobility, stability, speed, agility, plyometrics, reaction, sports vision and more.

Pony Express Athletics

Spine and Sport has collaborated and joined forces with Coach Danny Butterfield of Pony Express Athletics for specialized sport performance training. Coach Butterfield uses the Spine and Sport facility for personalized and group training.

Recovery Room

Normatec Boots are a type of advanced and elite compression therapy used before or after exercise to warm up muscles, speed up recovery and allow you to train harder and perform at your maximum levels. We offer Normatec Boots as part of our Recovery Room program, available as part of your physical therapy plan or by a series of walk-in visits.

Athletic Profile Testing

Athletic Profile Testing uses functional tests to give athletes, parents and coaches a baseline measurement for all the key areas of athletic movement. The Athletic Profile uses several research-validated tests and video analysis to help identify injury risk as well as monitor sports performance progress over the course of training.

Sports Performance Lab

Our state-of-the-art Sports Performance Lab offers the region’s top technology and professional training in every aspect of sports performance. From one-on-one physical therapy exercises to advanced computerized testing and measuring, to our Recovery Room and turf zone, we are your go-to source for discovering your individual or team strengths and then taking those strengths to the next level.

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