Motion Diagnostics

Just like a doctor monitors the vital signs of your blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol … your GAIT SCORE is a vital sign that monitors your musculoskeletal health.

Walking is an essential function of everyday life, and the way you walk is a window into your health. Just like a doctor monitors your vital health numbers over time, your GAIT SCORE is a vital sign that we can use to monitor your musculoskeletal health. Our 3D Gait Lab uses force plate technology to give you a GAIT SCORE, also scientifically known as your Functional Ambulation Profile (FAP). This technology is able to quantify both spatial and temporal data related to your gait. By analyzing your gait, we can identify the real cause of why tissues wear out, or why forces are not being transmitted evenly through the body and are potentially causing pain or dysfunction.  

To perform this test, a person simply walks across the 15-foot GaitRite walkway. The technology then calculates the data such as step length, stride length, cadence, stance times, swing times, foot angles and more. This data is then analyzed for symmetry and correlated to one’s musculoskeletal system. The GAIT LAB can also add videography using high speed cameras to capture joint measurements and angles for added analysis, helping identify any imbalance of forces that might be contributing to pain or injury. By monitoring the vital sign of your GAIT SCORE year after year as you age, we can also help you prevent falls and improve balance. This is what we call MOTION DIAGNOSTICS. Find the real cause of your pain. After all, it’s your move! 

Find the Real Cause of Your Pain, Balance Problems and Fall Risk with Motion Diagnostics.

  • 3D Gait Lab
  • Force Plate Technology
  • Functional Ambulation Profile
  • Identify Age-Related Changes
  • Videography & Joint Angles
  • Create Symmetrical Movement
  • Identification of Pain/Injury Sources
  • Data to Help Prevent Falls
  • Data to Help Improve Balance
  • Capture Unique Foot Pressure
  • Analysis for Custom Orthotics
  • Find the Real Cause of Pain!
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