Golf Swing Analysis

Golf Swing Analysis

Our BodySwing Golf Analysis Will Get You Into the Correct Posture to Execute Your Most Efficient Golf Swing.

BodySwing Golf analyzes the biomechanics of your golf swing. Specifically, does your body have the ability to get into the correct positions and posture in order to execute an efficient golf swing? The BodySwing Golf Screen takes a look at flexibility, strength, balance and coordination from a physical therapist’s perspective. This thorough and comprehensive assessment looks at the body and the biomechanics of how the body moves. 

Next, we look at the golf swing and measure your primary and secondary spine angles during all phases of the swing: the address, the backswing, the top of the backswing, at impact and the follow through. By thorough analysis from your feet all the way through the body, we can identify any “power leaks,” or inefficiencies that may be contributing to your performance or your presentation of pain or injury. After this thorough evaluation, our physical therapist then designs a golf fitness program to improve your body’s movement in the areas of flexibility, strength, balance and coordination in order to improve your golf swing … with a better BodySwing. 

Nothing Beats our BodySwing Golf Analysis for Leading You to Your Best Round Ever.

  • Frame by frame swing analysis
  • Biomechanical/musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Identify physical causes of swing faults and injury
  • Use BodySwing analysis for accuracy, consistency, distance
  • Achieve optimal transformational zone position
  • Reduce overall stress on your body
  • Use 3-Dimensional movement for mobility and stability
  • Design a custom golf exercise program
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