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Here to help you promote workplace safety and reduce workplace injury.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of workplace hours, are lost to workplace injuries. Many of these can be prevented — like sustained or repeated exertions or awkward postures leading to lowered productivity, increased medical costs and worker’s compensation claims. Proper back and body mechanics are important to maintain body control and balance, promote safe movements, and to reduce stress and strain to the musculoskeletal system to prevent injury. Our skilled physical therapy staff can instruct individual departments or the entire staff on how to safely perform lift, push, pull, reach and transfer activities at their standing workstations, or set up a workstation for computer or prolonged sitting activities. 

Our therapists have training in ergonomics to assess clients on safely performing their job requirements within their work space. The ergonomics training can be performed on the job site during the course of therapy, with insight gained for the therapist to simulate job tasks during therapy sessions. Let us help you build an injury-reduction plan, including wellness, as we have for many area companies: “I would like to thank you for speaking at our wellness meeting. You did a great job presenting useful information. I can’t wait until I put it into practice.” — TJ, St. Joseph School District. Learn more in our Spine and Sport video resources. 

Build a confident plan for increasing safety & lowering work comp claims. We can help:

  • Evaluate your workplace for potential injury
  • Create a pre-hiring muscular evaluation
  • Individual ergonomic assessments
  • Wellness instruction and programs
  • Workday stretching routines to reduce injury
  • Collaborative rehab therapy for injured workers
  • Evaluate repetitive motions for injury prevention
  • Job demands analysis
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Early Intervention Rehabilitation
  • Work Conditioning
  • Carpal tunnel physical therapy
  • Rotator cuff physical therapy
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