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Athletic Profile Testing

Athletic Profile Testing Gives You a Baseline measurement for All the Key Areas of Your Athletic Movement.

An Athletic Profile is a battery of functional tests that gives the athlete, parent and coach a baseline measurement in several areas related to athletic movement. The Athletic Profile uses several research-validated tests and video analysis to help identify injury risk as well as monitor sports performance progress over the course of training. It is recommended that every athlete get an Athletic Profile to identify weak links not only to help with injury prevention, but also to assist in designing a good sports performance program that can then measure the benefits with this testing. We use baseline pre-injury measurements to help the athlete, parent and coach have confidence to know when the time is right to return safely to their sport, if an injury happens. This includes returning to a sport following concussion recovery by using our Dynavision Vision Reaction Test. Athletic Profile Testing is also used in the rehabilitation protocols for athletes post-surgery to help the surgeon determine return-to-sport timing.

Your Athletic Profile Uses Baseline Measurements in So Many Awesome Ways: 

  • Boost mobility and stability
  • Develop pre-injury measurements
  • Analyze athletic power
  • Measure jumping and landing
  • Assess for movement asymmetries
  • Speed and reaction time
  • Help prevent injury
  • Build a custom sports performance program
  • Determine post-injury return time
  • Manage a return from a concussion

A complete Athletic Profile shows the risk level for athletes who are at risk for injury. It also shows performance level to help athletes train and monitor their progress. Components of an Athletic Profile, and factors measured, include:

Post-Surgical Return to Sport Testing

Our Athletic Profile Testing is used in our physical therapy protocols after surgery to help monitor progress and determine when an athlete is safe to return back to sport. Orthopedic surgeons require this testing as part of your rehab. We offer the most comprehensive testing of your mobility, balance, strength, power, speed and agility to ensure your safe to return to sport.

Injury Prevention

Every athlete should get tested to identify any weak links in their mobility or strength that could lead to injury. By using a battery of research-validated tests, we can identify “at risk” athletes and then develop a program to help you improve your mobility, strength, balance and agility to prevent injury and perform better. Video analysis for landing mechanics is included in this injury prevention program.

Sports Performance

Our Athletic Profile testing is used as a baseline of your athletic performance, and then used in designing a good sports performance program that can measure progress over time so you know exactly what you need to do to get better, faster, stronger!

Video Analysis

Slow motion frame-by-frame video analysis is used to measure athletic performance, including jumping and landing mechanics. Our testing and follow-up training helps you prevent knee injuries by knowing exactly what your knee is doing when you land.

Concussion Baseline

Concussion Baseline testing should include multiple tests. One such test is visual reaction speed. We use the Dynavision D2 light board for visual reaction testing as well as rehabilitation for concussions. Knowing your baseline reaction time, helps doctors, therapists, coaches and parents know when it’s safe to return to your sport following a concussion.

Speed / Agility / Power

Is your training helping your SPEED / AGILITY / and POWER? Know for sure with our pre and post athletic profile testing to make sure you get the most out of your sports performance training!

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