Motion Diagnostics

Foot Pressure Mapping

Only Spine and Sport Can Create Custom Shoe Orthotics While You are in Motion to Support Your Feet, Knees, Hips and Back to Reduce Pain.

What’s the real cause of your pain? Our Motion Diagnostic Gait Lab features the force plate technology of Sensa Medica. This technology allows us to capture your foot pressures while you are moving. From this data, we can create custom shoe orthotics to support your feet and to help alleviate pain. They’re different from the traditional foot orthotics because they are not a static mold. Your feet need to move! And they need support during this dynamic movement. This same technology also gives our team a great deal of critical information about the forces going through your feet when you walk. 

As we identify the real cause of your pain, the Sensa Medica force plate is a great motion diagnostic tool. Sensa Medica Force Plate can also quantify sway and balance reactions, and our team can then use this data in physical therapy to monitor your progress. For athletes, Sensa Medica’s Force Plate for Biofeedback training can help the athlete balance visual forces on the feet. This helps ensure equal loading and proper technique to avoid injury, especially during squats. Learn more about Spine and Sport Physical Therapy’s Motion Diagnostics program, including Sensa Medica Force Plate biofeedback, here. Find the real cause … after all, it’s your move! 

Only Spine and Sport Offers You the Force Plate Technology of Sensa Medica Within Our State-of-the-Art Motion Diagnostics Gait Lab.

  • Sensa Medica Force Plate Biofeedback
  • Data for Injury Prevention and Foot Pressure
  • Custom Orthotics (Motion Based)
  • Support Your Feet, Alleviate Pain
  • Identify Hidden Pain Causes
  • Monitor Progress with Data
  • Balance Forces on the Feet
  • Ensure Proper Loading and Technique
  • Boost Sports Performance
  • Improve Gait for Lasting Results
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